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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

  • Vision Management                               
  • Workplace Attitude                                
  • Mentoring                 
  • Talent Management                 
  • Business Transformation  

The bane of many organisations today is the ever widening gap between their vision and what they are doing on a daily basis to achieve it.

The human capital that is supposed to give practical expressions to the mission statements and translate policies into service delivery is replete with structural, strategic and behavioural deficiencies. These deficiencies continue to hinder management efficiency and organisational performance and productivity.

It is this gap that our Vision Management Training package seeks to address.

Experience has shown that the productivity of every organisation is closely tied to the quality of work attitude its staff bring to the job.

At the heart of the behavioural defect of personnel is the manner in which tasks are handled, poor team relationships, lack of passion for service and so much more.

Consequently, organisational performance is negatively affected as staff contribute little to the corporate objectives.

It is the above that prompted the design of this course to building the capacity of individuals to effectively contribute to the overall growth of their organizations.

It is a fact that individual talents, ideas, hard work and persistence are essential ingredients to success in life.

However, the guidance, support and facilitation of people with better skills, knowledge and experience are critically important.

Our mentorship platform stimulates individuals and organisations to achieve overall success in career, business and life generally.

Our mentorship platforms include training, coaching, teaching, counselling, subject-matter expert mentoring, organisational mentoring, Role-Modelling and individual projects. Register today!

Our BPI is a systematic approach aimed at optimizing our clients' underlying processes to achieve efficient results.

We assess your company to understand core business processes through a Business Relationship Map (BRM) and evaluate their effectiveness.

BRM provides us with a roadmap for process improvement efforts that engage your whole team, from senior management to the back-office.

Customers views to any successful change programme is very critical.

We apply the BlueOcean strategy principle to engage our clients' customers as part of Business Transformation programmes to help focus the change activity on those areas of the business which provide greatest benefits for the customer whilst still retaining profitability for the company.

Our Business transformation services also seek to identify and eliminate costs for our clients in areas of their business which add no to their customers.

We also utilise a range of proven tools and techniques to identify opportunities for cost reduction. Unlike simple cost cutting programmes, our Business transformation services deliver sustainable cost reduction whilst seeking

BlueOcean helps organisations to understand the scale of changes required to meet their strategic objectives and to assess the likely impact on key internal and external stakeholders.

From this ``Change assessment", a programme of interventions can be defined and implemented to help build new capabilities within the organisation

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