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Product Store

Before You Lose that Job™

This is a work-through on the book “Before You Lose that Job,” which is the first of Before You Lose It series. This is a self mastery programme that enables corporate employees to take a holistic assessment of their present jobs with a view to finding lasting career fulfilment as well as financial security. Course contents include:

a. Job loss, experiences and Impacts
b. The Making of A Great Career
c. Hard Truths about Your Job
d. Corporate Traps
e. Money Talks and Plan B
f. Burden of Preparation
g. Making Career transitions from employee to employer
h. Work-Place Attitude

• Self-Mastery
• Emotional Intelligence
• Executive intelligence
• Relationship Management
• Motivation
• Team Competence
• Culture and ethics
• Passionplus
• Vision
• Mentorship

The Seven Star Employee

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